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The safety and security of your organization and its employees is not a job for amateurs. With crime and drug abuse on the increase, especially in the work place, the effects can be devastating. The results manifest themselves in reduced or declining profits, a less competitive position in the market place, and higher overall cost in the areas of insurance, health care and operations in general.

Our Story

Southeastern Security was formed to meet the specific and unique needs of each of our clients by providing the very best security services to business and professional organizations of all types and sizes, from the sole proprietorship, with two to five employees, to the Fortune 500.

Southeastern Security has the personnel, the equipment and the experience to successfully conduct corporate, legal support or confidential investigations. Over 100 years of investigative experience allows us to offer you our services in the following areas:

Internal Theft Issues

Conflict of Interest

Corporate Espionage

Workers Comp Fraud / Surveillance

Location Services

Individual Background / Skip Tracing

Intelligence / Threat Assessment

Private / Confidential Investigations


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide innovative Services that satisfy our Customer’s needs and result in a reasonable profit that ensures the growth and success of our Associates, Company, Customers and Suppliers. We will maintain a continuous Quality Management Process to achieve our Mission.

Have a Security Project?

Now in our 29th year of operation, Southeastern Security has found a nice niche, combining the leverages of a big company and the personal touch feel of a smaller company while operating on a regional scale. If you are ready to get started on your project, contact us today!