About Us

Premier Security Company

We view that:

  • Leadership is a behavior and not a position
  • Integrity is the foundation of every Southeastern Security Leader
  • Every member of Southeastern Security has Leadership Responsibilities
  • An Southeastern Security Leader has a Commitment to Excellence
  • An Southeastern Security Leader is someone who will always do the right thing
  • An Southeastern Security Leader is someone who respects each member’s contribution to the TEAM.

Our Vision

To be the premier Security Company in our region, as measured by our Clients, our Associates, and our Suppliers.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Being Honest, Ethical, and Committed to all we do.
  • Respect: Appreciating all People, Work, and Ideas.
  • Development: Fostering the Care, Empowerment, and Growth of the individual.
  • Teamwork: Working Together to Achieve Our Goals.

Our Mission

To provide innovative Services that satisfy our Customer’s needs and result in a reasonable profit that ensures the growth and success of our Associates, Company, Customers and Suppliers. We will maintain a continuous Quality Management Process to achieve our Mission.

Southeastern Security • 1606 Brooke Street • Suite 200 • Canton, GA 30115

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