Curt Escher
President, Southeastern Security
Finding the right Security Company isn’t always easy..

The truth is, most security companies are either too big or too small to address your needs. When they are too big, it seems like you never get the person you need. And it seems they are too busy working new accounts for new sales. Then there are the mom and pop small security companies. They don’t utilize current technologies, and often are so cash strapped they can’t do much more than send a poorly trained officer to your campus.

Why We Make a Good Match

Now in our 24th year of operation Southeastern Security has found a nice niche, combining the leverages of a big company and the personal touch feel of a smaller company while operating on a regional scale..

Deciding on a plan for you

  1. Discovery

    How do we keep the most important thing, the most important thing?

  2. Identify Where Focus and Attention Should Be

    We’ll evaluate what is currently in place and compare it to what might be a more relevant strategy today.

  3. Get to Know You

    We would love to be a reliable, relevant member of your team, and help you plan and deploy the best, affordable security plan for your company.

  4. Compare the Options

    There are many options. We’ll walk through the options with you and help you decide what is best for your company.

  5. Implement and Deploy the Plan

    We’ll make it a quick and easy process so you can get back to focusing on keeping the most important thing the most important thing!

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