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It’s hard to “replace” a security officer with electronics. You simply cannot duplicate the on-site security officer’s eyes, ears, sense of smell, sense of heat or cold or the “gut feeling” a well-trained, thinking security officer may have regarding an incident. He can see things outside of the surveillance camera’s view. He can give vivid, visual descriptions, describe speech patterns, language accents. No combination of electronic security devices can provide the complete security of your facility. Only a PROFESSIONAL SECURITY OFFICER can give you the peace of mind to know that your employees are protected and your property is secure.

Southeastern Security will tailor a physical security plan to fit your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with a plan that will balance your security needs with your security budget. If you currently use electronic security, we can work together to create a plan where there is a more seamless comprehensive strategy, mixed with the on-site security officer and electronics.

We have the equipment and expertise to provide all levels of services. From a high end, badge restricted entry system, with 24-hour coverage, down to placing an officer on your property only during high-risk hours. Either way, or any combination in between, you, your employees, your customers, and your property will receive personal attention from our professional staff.

We now have cloud based portal availability so that our on-site officer can maintain log sheet records (visitors logs, visitor’s pass, daily logs, incident reports etc.) via a mobile device. (read more about this technology) This technology helps our clients obtain or maintain certifications such as TAPA.


The safety and security of your organization and its employees is not a job for amateurs. With crime and drug abuse on the increase, especially in the work place, the effects can be devastating. The results manifest themselves in reduced or declining profits, a less competitive position in the market place, and higher overall cost in the areas of insurance, health care and operations in general.

Southeastern Security was formed to meet the specific and unique needs of each of our clients by providing the very best security services to business and professional organizations of all types and sizes, from the sole proprietorship, with two to five employees, to the Fortune 500.

We at Southeastern Security have dedicated ourselves to recruiting only the very finest and qualified personnel in the area of loss prevention, security, and investigations. Through continual and ongoing training, our staff is able to maintain a high level of proficiency and professionalism as well as an ongoing commitment to excellence and total integrity.

“To be the Very Best”. That is our personal goal and commitment to each one of our clients. A satisfied client remains a client. That is the measure of our success.


Curt Escher


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Now in our 29th year of operation, Southeastern Security has found a nice niche, combining the leverages of a big company and the personal touch feel of a smaller company while operating on a regional scale. If you are ready to get started on your project, contact us today!