Southeastern Security was founded in 1989 with a single goal in mind: To serve the security needs of our clients better than anyone else!

In the early 1990s, Southeastern Security built strong relationships with leaders in the Transportation and Distribution industries. This began a specialty in those industries and led to our participation in lectures at the Southeastern Motor Carriers Loss Prevention Council along with the ATA (American Trucking Association) on “How to retain a Guard Service Company” and “How to perform a Security Site Survey”.

Today, we continue to grow and set the industry standards with innovative ideas for providing outstanding security services, products and training to several industries including Class A Buildings and Office Parks, Hotels, Healthcare and of course the Transportation and Distribution Industries.

Southeastern Security was previously owned by Daniel R. Escher. Mr. Escher is the former Chief of Detectives, Cherokee County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office where he managed and directed a staff of 20 investigators. Mr. Escher personally investigated, developed suspects, executed the arrest and assisted in the prosecution of some of Georgia’s most infamous homicides while organizing and operating countless S.W.A.T. Operations and Executive Protection details that include Dignitaries, Heads of State, the President, Congressmen, and House Members.

Mr. Escher is a P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Standards of Training) certified instructor with over 30 classroom certificates, totaling more than 1,500 hours of training. Mr. Escher believes that continuous classroom and field training are the keys to ensuring complete client satisfaction with our personnel and our service.

Curt Escher joined Southeastern Security in June of 2000 and purchased the company in October of 2004. A slight change in the company’s name ensued with the purchase…it is now Southeastern Security, Inc. Curt Escher’s background begins with six years in the United States Navy where he served in the submarine service and conducted countless security swims as “ship’s scuba diver” and worked with Navy SEALs in various swimmers’ operations, and divers lock-in and lock-out exercises. Curt was also a team member on the boat’s Security Alert Team (SAT) who planned, implemented and conducted Security Details for ship’s weapons loading and unloading procedures.

After the Navy, Curt joined a company named Carolina Handling, LLC. During his eleven year career at Carolina Handling, Curt experienced success in Service, Sales and Sales Management where his territory covered all of Georgia, Alabama and the central time zone of Florida. Curt says while at Carolina Handling, he was very fortunate to be a part of a “team” who “helped create, evaluate, implement and improve service and sales standards by utilizing a Total Quality Management process. “I was lucky and very fortunate to be part of a team at Carolina Handling in the 90’s. The company went from $20 million a year to almost $70 million while I was there. I was surrounded with outstanding owners and people in leadership positions that were willing to go all out to help us with training and resources. They gave us all the tools we needed to achieve our goals and ultimately continuously raising the bar in how we served our customers”.


The safety and security of your organization and its employees is not a job for amateurs. With crime and drug abuse on the increase, especially in the work place, the effects can be devastating. The results manifest themselves in reduced or declining profits, a less competitive position in the market place, and higher overall cost in the areas of insurance, health care and operations in general.

Southeastern Security was formed to meet the specific and unique needs of each of our clients by providing the very best security services to business and professional organizations of all types and sizes, from the sole proprietorship, with two to five employees, to the Fortune 500.

We at Southeastern Security have dedicated ourselves to recruiting only the very finest and qualified personnel in the area of loss prevention, security, and investigations. Through continual and ongoing training, our staff is able to maintain a high level of proficiency and professionalism as well as an ongoing commitment to excellence and total integrity.

“To be the Very Best”. That is our personal goal and commitment to each one of our clients. A satisfied client remains a client. That is the measure of our success.


Curt Escher


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Now in our 29th year of operation, Southeastern Security has found a nice niche, combining the leverages of a big company and the personal touch feel of a smaller company while operating on a regional scale. If you are ready to get started on your project, contact us today!