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The safety and security of your organization and its employees is not a job for amateurs. With crime and drug abuse on the increase, especially in the work place, the effects can be devastating. The results manifest themselves in reduced or declining profits, a less competitive position in the market place, and higher overall cost in the areas of insurance, health care and operations in general.

Technology for Logistics Compliance

Guard Service
No combination of electronic security devices can provide the complete security of your facility. Only a Professional Security Officer can give you the peace of mind to know that your employees are protected and your property is secure.

Patrol Service
Southeastern Security offers a sophisticated Patrol Service to meet the needs of our clients that do not require a full time security officer, or for those that require an immediate response to an alarm situation.

Counter Surveillance
Be sure no one is listening in on your most sensitive conversations. We use the newest, state of the art equipment that searches for all known methods of intercepting your information.

Events and Training
Our services can be used in “supplemental type” coverages for your “high profile events” or the main coverage for your corporate events while utilizing metal detection and positive IDs.
Southeastern Security has the knowledge and experience to handle all of the security needs for your convention, exhibition, trade show, reception or any special event.

Executive Protection
Threats to your safety and security, real or perceived cannot be ignored! Southeastern Security has the personnel with training and experience to conduct a complete assessment of the threat and to immediately implement the necessary protection.

Defense Training
We are now offering our expertise in the training industry for Home Defense / Self Defense.

Southeastern Security has the personnel, the equipment and the experience to successfully conduct corporate, legal support or confidential investigations. Over 100 years of investigative experience allows us to offer you our services in the following areas:

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