Defense Training Service

Defense Training

Home Defense and Self Defense Training
Southeastern Security offers our expertise in the training for Home Defense/ Self Defense.

The class is taught by a P.O.S.T (Peace Officers Standards of Training) certified Instructor and Certified Georgia State Instructor.

The training class is 20 hours and will cover different Science & Theories that will best suit the individual taking the class. The student will learn the following:

  1. Federal and Georgia Laws governing the Use of Force.
  2. Different uses of non-deadly force that will include identifying the best “pepper sprays”.
  3. Safety Precautions of Firearms (Revolvers & Automatic)
  4. Basic Parts of a Firearm.
  5. The use of Deadly Force.
  6. Being Effective with a Firearm (Range Time & Score)
  7. General Awareness (Setting the Best Defense all the Time)

Students should be aware that the class covers practical exercises along with regular classroom settings. There will be testing throughout the course. Upon completion of the course, certificates will be issued with Georgia License numbers. This class is not intended for aggressive acts or threats, but that of defensive tactics. Students should look at self-defense tactics being placed in a toolbox. The more tactics/knowledge that you place in the toolbox the better you can defend yourself or others as needed.

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