Patrol Service

Patrol Service

Southeastern Security offers a sophisticated Patrol Service to meet the needs of our clients who do not require a full time security officer, or for those clients who require an immediate response to an alarm situation.

Most Security Patrol Services do not offer patrol round verifications, or if they do, they only offer the outdated tour wand system that can be manipulated, and the reports are not instantly available. We offer tour round verification by the smart phone the officer carries. The officer scans the RFID Tag with the smart phone upon each arrival to verify he indeed arrived on the property. GPS tracking verifies his travel between rounds.

We operate a fleet of high-performance, police inspired marked patrol vehicles around the clock. Our vehicles are fully equipped with mounted spot lights, roof mounted light bar, and installed laptop computers with advance technology that can even be use for graphic demanding video games you can play with the help as sites like Officers carry a smartphone for patrol round verification. Our patrols provide a quick and effective response to emergencies and a high profile deterrent to crime.

Our patrol officers are, simply stated, the best. All are highly trained and experienced former government and / or military personnel. All receive extensive in-house training on, legal issues, police sciences, first aid and CPR. Our officers are fully equipped with duty gear within state guidelines.

We offer:

  • Patrol Rounds (Commercial and Residential)
  • Each patrol round verified by smart phone app technology (read more)
  • Door Checks
  • Alarm Response
  • Bank Escorts
  • Lockups/Openings

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